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About Us

The Millionaire’s Daughter is a retail consignment business that opened in March 2009 located on the trendy Ottawa Street in Hamilton with current locations in Oakville and Aurora, therefore serving the GTA and surrounding areas. The business is owned and operated by Maureen Barnes, whose philosophy for each location is to carry a wide variety of furniture pieces and home décor items at various price points for the shopping pleasure of any customer.

Consignment is the act of consigning, which is placing material in the hand of another, but retaining ownership until the goods are sold. With our ever growing commitment to recycling and reuse of our possessions, consignment makes good sense. Maureen has a favourite saying in her stores, “Everything here has its own little story gathered over the years”. With consignment, the stories will continually change and grow into the future.

People consign for various reasons. Some people are downsizing or moving while others have inherited possessions from a loved one. People shop at consignment stores for various reasons. They may be changing their decorating style or colours. They may need larger or smaller furniture. They may be looking for a specific piece by a specific manufacturer. Whatever the reason for consigning or shopping, the friendly and helpful staff at each location can be of assistance and pickup and delivery can be arranged with our movers who will quote their fee.

To consign, there are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Email photos of furniture pieces or larger items with information about the items, or bring smaller boxed items (glassware, vases etc.) to a location
  2. Receive confirmation of acceptance of items and pricing (pricing based on age, condition, quality etc.)
  3. Complete a contract and receive information about tracking of items through our website
  4. Pick up cheques for sold items!!!!!!!!!!!

At each location, items are placed on the floor in vignettes to allow customers to visualize pieces in a room or decorative setting. All of our locations offer the same pricing model and the same quality of items. Our displays are changed constantly due to inventory and volume of sales – we sell through about 7 homes per week! Our great website offers information on how everything works, with lots of photos.

If you are looking for that “signature” piece to finish a room, a dresser or sideboard to paint for a new baby’s room, a seasonal piece, china or glassware for your everyday table or a special occasion, you can find it at The Millionaire’s Daughter. Come share your “story” with us!

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